GPT Source Detective: Uncover the Origins of Your AI’s Text

A side-by-side comparison of an AI-generated text and its source document, with matching phrases highlighted.

Welcome to GPT Source Detective, the ultimate open-source solution for indexing and analyzing the source documents of open-source LLM implementations based on GPT models. Our cutting-edge technology helps you ensure the integrity and originality of your AI-generated text by identifying multi-word sequences copied from original documents.

Why GPT Source Detective?

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As AI-generated text becomes increasingly sophisticated, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your LLM’s output is free from plagiarism and maintains the highest standards of originality. GPT Source Detective is designed to help you achieve this by:

With GPT Source Detective, you can have confidence in the quality and integrity of your AI’s output, knowing that it’s free from plagiarism and backed by the most advanced anti-plagiarism technology available.

Get Started with GPT Source Detective

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Ready to take your AI-generated text to the next level? Download GPT Source Detective from our GitHub repository and start uncovering the origins of your AI’s output today.

For an even more powerful experience, visit and explore our range of premium services, including:

Join the GPT Source Detective Community

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As an open-source project, GPT Source Detective thrives on the contributions and feedback of our users. We invite you to join our community of developers, researchers, and AI enthusiasts as we work together to advance the field of AI-generated text analysis.

Trust the Experts in AI Text Analysis

GPT Source Detective is backed by a team of experts in AI, machine learning, and anti-plagiarism technology. Our mission is to provide the most advanced and reliable tools for analyzing AI-generated text, ensuring that your LLM’s output is original, high-quality, and free from plagiarism.

Don’t leave the integrity of your AI-generated text to chance. Download GPT Source Detective today and unlock the full potential of your LLM implementation.